Sizzlebird – Escape From Reality

published on Apr 15 by HappyPants in Featured Tunes

Sizzlebird, as ever, has delivered a solid album with ‘Imagine’ and this is probably my favourite track.

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Sekai Selects – 006 (Staff Picks vol. 1)

published on Apr 2 by Fursteh in Featured Tunes

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Whynnel – Murvan

published on Mar 29 by HappyPants in Featured Tunes

This one just ticks every box for me, amazing track throughout.

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Ghost Youth X Honeyruin – Bleed Through/Life In Pictures/Special Needs

published on Mar 29 by simpsinator in Featured Tunes

I stumbled across this future garage collaboration on Soundcloud and it’s a pure bliss. Enjoy this heavy 14 minute journey.

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Slow Meadow – Crown of Amber Canopy Pt.1 and Pt.2

published on Mar 7 by HappyPants in Featured Tunes

This track from Slow Meadow was featured in our showcase back on and stuck in my head, but when i saw this live performance it just blew me away.

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Harrow – From The Depths Mix

published on Feb 25 by simpsinator in Featured Tunes

Listen to the wonderful atmospheric “From The Depths” mix which the awesome artists from the Harrow Collective created/contributed to. First presented during an event in our room, you can now experience it once again on our soundcloud. Enjoy and give them a follow!


Sekai Selects – 003

published on Jan 7 by Fursteh in Featured Tunes

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KISNOU – Tale of a man who whispered to flowers

published on Nov 30 by Fursteh in Featured Tunes

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haven – i forgive you

published on Nov 19 by Fursteh in Featured Tunes

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Azaleh – Misfortune

published on Nov 2 by Fursteh in Featured Tunes

Mesmerizing ambience and perfect beat for this beautiful song.


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Favela – Gong

published on Apr 4 by HappyPants in Featured Tunes

The first time I heard this I heard this i wondered where i had been burying my head for 3 months. It’s just truly amazing and really beautiful.


Indian Wells – New York Nights

published on Mar 16 by DVici in Featured Tunes

The second I found this and listened to it, I was deeply absorbed in thought while the song kept repeating over and over again.

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blanc – Fly

published on Mar 6 by simpsinator in Featured Tunes

This song is incredible. The percussion and vocals take you away.


The Acid – Basic Instinct

published on Mar 3 by Neveragain_Gc in Featured Tunes

A colleague from work linked me a minimal mix he really enjoyed and that’s where I found this track. The vocals are just too damn awesome, I hope you enjoy it as well. 🙂

(∆N)ΞNTΞ) – Pishsalver

published on Jan 12 by simpsinator in Featured Tunes

This is one of my favorite tunes lately. I don’t know exactly what it is but Candenteds “Phishsalver” just takes me away. I love everything about it, especially the vocals and the unique video, which you can watch below. Wonderful.