Rules for chat

  1. Respect others by treating them as you want to be treated.
  2. You aren’t allowed to:
    • Advertise
    • Spam
    • Impersonate others
    • Post, or link to, NSFW content
    • Engage in unsolicited self-promotion
  3. Please chat only in English (a common international language). This is so everyone can freely join the conversation. It also helps our staff to better serve you.
  4. Profanity is allowed in moderation.


Rules for DJs

  1. Moderators can skip at their own discretion, to avoid getting skipped don’t play:
    • Mixes (multiple songs in the same track)1
    • EP/Album previews (multiple songs in the same track)1
    • Songs over 10 minutes1
    • Explicit content
    • Overplayed songs1
    • Off theme songs2
  2. Selfmade tracks are allowed. But please vary your plays. Don’t play the same song over and over. And please play other artists as well.
  3. Chat once or more every 2 hours so you are not removed from the waitlist. (currently only partly in effect)
  4. Don’t change the title of a song or artist, except to correct the name.

Songs with a significant number of mehs (e.g. 10% of the room population or more) may get skipped by staff, especially if the song is edging towards being off-theme.

→ Check the FAQ page for further information!

1: Rule isn’t in effect during events of any kind.

2: During events venturing into less chill areas is fine.


Suggested Genres

Ambient, Blues, Chill House, Chillout, Chill Trap, Chillwave, Deep House, Downtempo, Electronica, Funk, Future Beats, Future Garage, IDM, Instrumental Hip Hop, Jazz, Liquid DnB, Modern Classical, Progressive House, (Ambient) Shoegaze, Trip Hop


Play with care (Special attention given to flow)

Breaks, Classical, Drum and Bass, Electro Swing, Glitch-Hop, Hip Hop, Indie Pop, Jersey Club, Melodic/Liquid/Progressive Dubstep, Neurofunk, Post Rock, Rap, Reggae, Synthpop, Trance, Witch House, Vaporwave, Tropical House


Don’t play

Big Room, Brostep, Complextro, Drumstep, Electro House, Festival Trap, Hardstyle, Nightcore, Uplifting Trance, Rock, Bass Boosted songs, etc.


Remember: If you are ever unsure of what to play in the DJ booth, you can always pick something from one of these channels. Most of their promoted music is acceptable.

→ Fluidified17tumba/Elevate SoundsAmbientMusicalGenre – Keep Me Chilled