In order to enable a better experience for everyone our room is using a custom bot with various commands and functions.

Fun Commands

!cookie@[username]Sends a cookie to the specified user
!define[search term]Gives you a definition of your word or phrase from Urban Dictionary
!dialect[dialect] [message]Translates your message into your chosen dialect. Dialects are: "redneck", "jive", "cockney", "fudd", "bork", "moron", "piglatin", "hckr" and "censor"
!sendlove@[username]Sends love to the specified user
!taco@[username]Sends a taco to the specified user
!time[in | is it in | for] [location]Finds the time for your specified location

Helpful Commandshttps://just-a-chill-room.net/about/illumibot/

!check[artist - song name (remix details)]Check to see if a song has been played before, if it has it will say how many times, who played it last and when. Please note that the search feature is not reliable. If it gives you a random song and not something you searched for, assume that the one you tried hasn't been played before
!linkGives the link to the current song

Info Commands

!cmsLinks to the CMS Dubtrack script
!commands | !cmdsLinks to this page
!djLinks a guide on how to be a good Dub DJ
!dubxLinks to the DubX Dubtrack script
!emojiLinks to the emoji cheat sheet
!eventsLinks to the events page
!facebook | !fbLinks to the Facebook page
!faqLinks to the FAQ page
!helpLinks to a guide on how to use Dubtrack
!modLinks a guide on how to moderate on Dubtrack
!opLinks to the over played page
!rulesLinks to the rules page
!slackLinks to the slack page to sign up to our slack team
!soundcloud | !scLinks to the soundcloud page
!steamLinks to the steam page
!suggest | !suggestion | !request | !requestsLinks to the bot issue tracker to be able to suggest improvements to the bot, or see all the current suggested improvements
!themeLinks to the theme page
!twitterLinks to the twitter page
!websiteLinks to this website
!youtube | !ytLinks to the YouTube page

Meme Commands

!blazeitLinks a random blaze it related image/gif
!bunnehLinks a random bunny related image/gif
!chillLinks a random chill related image/gif
!dankReplies with blaze it related text
!hahaLinks a random laughing related image/gif
!jokeTells a random terrible joke
!mooLinks a silly cow gif
!pizzaLinks a random pizza related image/gif
!purnLinks a random pancake related image/gif
!sadLinks a beautiful image of long time user kayzoh
!screwyouLinks a funny screw related gif
!shrugBot shrugs for you
!simpsLinks a random hand picked gif by simpsinator
!spiritanimalLinks a random image/gif showing what your spirit animal is
!twerkLinks a random twerk related gif
!yogapants | !noLinks a random homage to Chillout Musics yoga pants commands

Mod Commands

!ban@[username] [time]Bans the user for the specified amount of time. If no time added, will default to 60 minutes. 0 minutes results in a permanent ban
!clearchat@[username]Clears the last 10 messages the specified user has sent
!lastbanGives details of the last person who was banned from the room using the ban command
[interval] [message]
No arguments results in showing that the MOTD is set to, if any. Interval indicates how many songs the MOTD will show after. Message indicates what to set the MOTD to. the literal "interval" tells you what the current interval is set to. Clear resets the MOTD. Note that it does not reset the interval, so it will stay at what ever the last interval was set to
!move@[username] [position]Moves the user to the specified position on the queue. If none is specified, it defaults to position 2
!raffleManually invoke the raffle
na | unv | unavailable
hist | history
Skips the current song specifying the reason why it was skipped. theme, unavailable and history results in moving the user to spot 2 in order to give it another try. Theme, unavailable and nsfw flags the specified argument in the DB in order to automatically skip the song if it is played again in the future. Troll results in permanently banning the DJ. Please note that VIPs can also use this command because they have the power to skip on Dubtrack without using the bot
!vipset@[username]Sets the specified user as a VIP
!vipunset@[username]Removes the VIP status from the specified user
!whois@[username]Gives details about the specified user

IllumiBot first started out as a very simple bot written by McLovinTheSex called uselessbot, which was then helped expand by TigerPancake and renamed to betabot, before being completely rewritten and made highly sophisticated by Nitro Ghost and renamed to IllumiBot. IllumiBot was chosen for the name because of its level of sophistication, and seeks to control you at any given moment, much like the Illuminati.
Disclaimer: IllumiBot collects basic data from the room such as user play history and users information such as dubs. This is stored in a database in order to bring extra functionality to the bot.