1. Can I play the same song I played recently? 

We encourage you to search and discover new songs. Otherwise it will soon become boring. Everyone appreciates diversity.


2. How does one become a member of staff?

First of all we advise you not to ask for it. Just be active, friendly and helpful and we might consider you if we are searching for new staff members. You can show interest by filling out this form.


3. How can one become resident DJ?

Easiest way to become resident DJ in our room is by getting uploaded on some major promotion channel e.g. MrSuicideSheep, Majestic Casual, etc. or on some smaller promotion channels like Ambient or Fluidified.


4. Why do I have to speak in English?

On dubtrack.fm people from all over the world come together to discover and listen to new music. If everyone chats in their native language, it would almost be impossible to follow a conversation or moderate the chat. Therefore we have decided that English is the primary language in our room since a lot of people learn and speak it. If you want to chat, do it in English.


5. Can you move me up on the room queue? 

No, this isn’t possible. You will have to wait like everyone else. If we made exceptions, how would we justify not moving everybody? You might see people getting moved by the bot, but these people either disconnected or were lock skipped. So they just get their legitimate spot back. Asking multiple times is not helpful.

However, the bot frequently has a raffle in order to randomly choose someone to move up to position 2 on the room queue.


6. Do I need to ask in order to play my own tunes? 

No, you don’t have to ask for permission. But vary your plays and keep the self-promotion in a reasonable extent. Also, don’t forgot to play other artists as well.


7. Is IllumiBot a person?

No, IllumiBot is not a person. It is a bot coded by Nitro Ghost. It helps out by doing automated tasks or running commands for the human staff members.


8. How do I earn Dub Points?

Just be active. You will earn dub points by DJing and voting on songs.


9. Why am I not allowed to play mixes, even if they’re less than 10 minutes long? 

Mixes are made so one can play several songs in succession. We want to give everyone the chance to play a song. Mixes jeopardize this equal experience for everyone, and also needlessly complicates the workflow of the staff. If we allow even one person to play a mix, then others would follow, and it could easily get out of hand. So we insist that people play a single song per turn. The exception is during special events organized by the staff, wherein mixes are often played by those who are specifically invited to play a set.


10. Do you remove songs from the overplayed/forbidden list?

Forbidden songs usually won’t be removed because they mostly do not fit the room. Overplayed songs stay for a rather long time or will not be removed either. Primarily because they would end up on the overplayed list soon again. Besides we appreciate diversity; who wants to listen to the same tunes over and over again.

The overplayed list is now managed by an automated system. When the bot detects that a song has been played far too much recently, it will automatically skip the song and notify you that it is overplayed. The reason for the automated system is to keep the songs fresh in the room. When songs haven’t been played in a while, they will be automatically removed from the overplayed list. You can check the list here.