Welcome to Just a chill room’s official website


dubtrack.fm is a social website where people from all over the world share the music they have discovered, sometimes playing their own creations.


Just a chill room is a room on dubtrack.fm once created by MrSuicideSheep on plug.dj, now run as its own entity. It’s a community that consists of users from all over the world, playing “chill” music from their favorite artists (e.g. EvenS, Chasing Dreams, Asa, CMA, Sorrow, Koda, Just A Gent, Kasbo, Haywyre, Owsey, Tom Day, Rameses B, etc) or their own music while they chat in real time as they enjoy the live experience of listening to music together. (It’s like radio except with better music and with a chat to interact with people).

Newcomers, we hope you enjoy your time in our room and make sure to check out our DJ guide!

If you any questions, let us know! Don’t forget to join our community slack!