Artist Guideline

In preparation for an event, you need to create a account (if you have not already) and enter our community “Just a chill room“. Once logged into, you can create a playlist for your showcase, and add tracks from either Soundcloud or YouTube, both formats are supported.


If you use Soundcloud, the uploads must be public while they are being played (for technical reasons) but they can be removed immediately after the event. If you use YouTube, you can upload tracks as unlisted and they will still be playable, as long as you import your playlist from YouTube. You may consider creating an alternative, temporary account with Soundcloud or YouTube just for an event, which may help keep the songs from being exposed to casual viewing before and during the showcase. You might also want to delay uploading your tracks until the day of the showcase approaches.


While online you will be a part of the community chat.  This will be an opportunity for you to say hello, answer questions from your listeners, talk about everything/nothing as you please, and promote anything you wish.


We have a staff of moderators who will keep the scene active and civil, remove disruptive users, and help you promote.  You will be free to focus on the performance, and our staff will manage the users. Let us know if you have any questions. Feel free to drop in any time, hang out, and get more acquainted with the room!


When we are approaching the start of your event, make sure you have your event playlist/track queued up. Once you have done that, when it’s time for the event to start, we will move you to the top of the queue for you to play your set.

If you have any questions, you can contact us or email us at



If your questions are related to the UI, please check out this picture and our Dubtrack Guide: