We could talk with the sweet Kerri, who is now one half of the duo Project Closure and about to start another big project.

Let’s start with a small introduction, who are you and what kind of music do you make?
I write music under Project Closure with my friend Cole (who’s also a member of Glass Face) & recently started a side project under my name, Kerri.


Why Project Closure?
well as the name ‘Project Closure’ suggests, it was always a project of expression. I kinda wanted to keep it conceptual, and separate my personal life from the project.


Did you start the project together with Cole (if yes, who had the idea?), or did one of you start and the other joined as time passed?
Cole actually joined over the last month. Everything before then was written by me.


When and why did you start making music?
I’ve kinda always been doing art stuff, not just music. But I started taking music seriously when I was about 12. As I get older I keep gaining interest in other mediums, though. My goal is sort of to do everything once. This other project, Kerri, is hopefully going to be a place for photography and film stuff as well as all of the music I’m writing. The music under that name will be a lot more personal, and open – I feel like that’s only necessary since Project Closure is intentionally so disconnected.


Last year you released a 6 tracks EP, Second Thoughts, which gained a lot of attention. How did this EP start?
I wrote Second Thoughts after a really long period of self-doubt, it was basically just trying to push out all of the feelings of confusion I was drowning in at the time.

With the help of some friends you made a music video for the song ‘Hopes up’ from this EP, how was it and how did it happen?
It was a humbling experience, definitely. Getting the chance to the see somebody else’s interpretation of a song you wrote in your bedroom at 3am is so crazy. It turned out to be excellent as well.
Well actually, the small team that produced the video is led by Bree, a girl who’s dating my violinist, Sam. Bree heard the EP before its release and wanted to direct a video.


“I just love seeing cool people doing cool stuff.”

Who are your big inspirations?
I think artistically I’m a product of a lot of different people – to name a few, Asa, Ta-ku, Dpat, Atu, even people like Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator inspire me to an extent. Not even just musically – I just love seeing cool people doing cool stuff.


What advice would you give to a starting producer?
My best piece of advice would probably be to make sure you’re willing to give up free time & a social life to dedicate yourself. Instead of spending a Friday night out with friends, maybe stay back home & work on your basslines. It’s never a bad idea.
I think another good piece of advice I could give is that it’s important to realize that the marketing/business side and how you present yourself is just as important as the music itself.


I believe you have some new releases planned, could you tell us more?
Yeah, I’m working on a small EP for my ‘Kerri’ project and also Cole & I have been busy writing the next Closure record.


Any release dates or is it still too early?
We’re still in the writing stages, so I don’t think I can say just yet. We’ve been writing since December. Reaching out to artists we like, collaborating and writing out our own vocal parts for the first time. Exciting stuff!


And last question, what is your favourite movie?
Ohh man that’s a tough one. I really love films. I think ‘Good Will Hunting’ is my favorite movie of all time. The emotional performances by absolutely everyone in the cast are so perfect. And since I’m a nerd at heart I think a close second is the old ‘Spiderman 2’ from the Toby McGuire trilogy. Lately I’ve been super into this series, ‘Westworld’. It’s so incredible.


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