How to be a successful DJ in “Just a chill room”

  1. Read the rules page fully. Some rules apply to DJs, others apply to everyone.
  2. Keep in mind that this community is primarily for chill music, and music related to chill. See the permissible genres list for some ideas. For a better idea, listen to the music played while you wait, and get a sense for what people like, and what gets skipped. Generally heavy and fast is a no go. Keep it relaxing, deep, atmospheric, melodic, etc., and you’ll probably be okay.
  3. Make sure your song isn’t on the Overplayed / Forbidden list: Use CTRL+F to search the page, or use the built-in search on the top right corner of the page. Search first for the song name. If no results, search for artist name. Sometimes all songs by an artist are forbidden. In some cases, all songs by a YouTube promoter are forbidden. So check that as well, if you’re not sure.
  4. Check DJ History on to make sure the song wasn’t played within the past 3 hours. You can find DJ History next to the volume control. If a song was recently played, pick something different.
  5. Try to play something different each time you reach the DJ Booth. There’s a LOT of music out there, and we’d love to hear it. Try to keep it fresh and interesting, while staying on theme.
  6. If things don’t go to plan and you get skipped, the last thing you want to do is react badly. This contributes negatively to the chill vibe in the room, and may even get you banned. Take a deep breath. Take two. Not everyone shares your taste in music. Inquiring about the reason for the skip is okay, but generally Illumibot will have already written the reason in the chat. So be sure to read chat carefully. Often you’re given a second chance to play, so use it wisely.
  7. For remaining questions, be sure to read the FAQ page, or ask an active moderator.


Be nice to the moderators. They take time out of their busy schedule or away from other things they could be doing with their free time to make this community more enjoyable for all. They’re not paid. They do this because they care about the music, about the producers who make it, and most importantly for the community.


If at first you fail to please the community with your song choice, try, try again!


That’s it. Have fun and good luck! 🙂

credit to eyebo, the creator of this guideline!