Our beloved host Lukas (known as Neveragain_Gc) had the opportunity to talk with the artist “Black Visor”. Read about his motivation behind making his music, his interests and overall gain an inside look of the person behind the name Black Visor!

black_visor_profileOkay, first of all can you give a little summary of yourself as artist and person for an introduction?
My name is Chase, I am 22 years old and I’m a Canadian born music producer who writes and releases electronic music under the alias Black Visor.


You released an LP on Harrow Recordings about 2 weeks ago. Most of the songs have an ambient / future garage sound, what got you interested in making this type of music?

I began the Black Visor project because my taste in sounds and style started to change, At the time, I was listening to loads of Burial and I felt so addicted to his sound. It was all I listened to. His music has a deep impact on my life in a way, and his music really aided myself through rough times. I started writing these tunes so I could help myself get through it all.


I can definitely understand the addiction to Burial! A good person to be inspired of, do you have a favourite track?

Probably Fostercare. It always changes haha

Near Dark is brilliant as well


For how long have you been creating music and how did you start? Are there any suggestions you have for aspiring musicians?

Music in general, I’ve been writing since I was in middle school when I began playing the guitar. As I grew older, I started listening to heavier styles of music and went to local hardcore shows. I eventually grew out of that kind of music and really got into downtempo productions from producers such as bonobo, and that’s when everything changed. I started writing electronic music and have been committing myself to it for the last 3 years.

For aspiring musicians, don’t give up on yourself. Don’t give yourself too hard of a time. I’m someone who still learns new things all the time, and I never give myself enough credit. Believe in yourself if you think you can do better.


Do you have any hobbies besides creating music?

For a long while, all I was doing was producing music, and as soon as the album was released, I finally felt like I had some free time again. I’ve always been really into graphic design and photoshop, and just recently I’ve started making these collages on canvas using pieces and scraps from old magazines. I always try and find new ways to express myself creatively. I also really enjoy bike riding and spending time with friends.


What 3 things would you take with you on an abandoned Island?

Ableton, Food, and marijuana, that’s all I need!


What else is there to come from you in 2016?

At the moment, I’m looking into playing local shows, and I was previously booked for one for march, but unfortunately it got cancelled. I have a load of new music being written lately, really different from the last tracks I’ve released. Still assembling and figuring out how I should release them.

I’ve just recently started learning how to create mixes, and actually put my traktor to use haha it’s been fun.


Getting us all excited with announcing lots of new music, I hope we hear it rather soon than late.

Yeah, I’ve been generally in a decent mood as of late, so I’ve been writing some pretty dancy, yet still weird productions with a more uplifting vibe.

It still has these almost depressing overtones over them, but they’re alot more groovy. My skill in production I felt has also improved so they’ve been sounding great.


That’s great!
We’ll make sure to check them out once you share them with us

Yeah absolutely, very excited to share these tracks, like for real lol


Are there any shoutouts you want to make?

Shoutout to Harrow for being very supportive, and believing in the music I create. To everyone who’s checked out my music, I appreciate it a lot.

I’ve met a lot of new people through this project, so it’s been a great experience.


Thats what music gives to us all.

Thank you very much for taking time of your day for this interview!

Yeah no problem man its been a pleasure.