Info: “The Eden Project” now simply goes by the name “Eden” and continues to make music.

Note: This interview takes place a few days before The Eden Project’s event date


JACR: How long have you been making music? What do you think is the best song or most popular song you’ve ever made?

EDEN: I’ve been making music for about 10 years at this stage, in various forms and ways; maybe more maybe less… my whole life basically.

My most popular song would probably be “Chasing Ghosts“, although “Iris” by Friendzone which I did vocals for has been the most played song by far.


What inspired you to make your Entrance EP?

Well all of the songs have their own inspirations… I had originally planned to release “Better Together” as a single with remixes by people, but then I wrote the song “Entrance” and it just clicked that it had to be an EP and I knew what I wanted to have on it.


How long did it take for you to complete it?

I started writing “Better Together” in May I think, just on the piano because I had a lot of exams then and no time to produce. I started production of it at the start of June. So June till like late September. A long time haha.


Do you feel like you have improved a lot while making this EP? Did it change anything for you?

I definitely think I came out a lot better at production; although I’d attribute that mostly to the break days from EP work where I made hip hop, deep house a load of other stuff. The diversity really helped me out I think.

And that EP changed everything for me. Especially “Circles“. That song has the worst production on the EP, and was something I didn’t think any of my followers at the time would like (808’s, hip hop influence, weird no drop structure, etc) so I made it a semi hidden bonus track. But so many people said they loved it that I uploaded it to Soundcloud eventually and it is actually the most popular track off of the EP I think, given that Lost was uploaded to NCS.

So as a result I’ve taken that a bit further and am currently working on two songs more in that kind of vein. Not really because people liked it, but because I’ve gotten so out of EDM culture I guess and really really into R&B/hip hop and all things Lido/Flume.

I don’t know if this is a permanent thing or just a phase though, haha.

The Eden Project

I’m a bit shocked you feel that way towards your own song. I’m assuming you’re open to any kind of music you hear, right? Are there other genres you like to explore or perhaps experiment with?

Don’t get me wrong on that, “Circles” is probably my favorite song from the EP, haha. Yeah I like pretty much everything, and an announcement I’m going to make later this week actually concerns genres and stuff. But right now I’m pretty infatuated with certain people in hip hop, R&B and even a pop act so that is without a doubt going to shine through in the next few songs.


Can you tell us the reason behind the LSD-sample you used in Entrance?

The main reason behind it is that she says some really really interesting things, almost in an enlightened way.

Also it’s kind of about just experiencing things and being in wonder of everything which is kind of the underlying theme of the EP and a lot of the stuff I make. Just love for experience, and life… in all its aspects.

Kinda corny I guess haha.


Our final question and then we’ll get out of your hair. If you could collaborate with anyone who would you choose?

That’s a really tough question haha.

I think either Logic or Jon Bellion would be really cool. Or make something really weird with Kanye. Or I’d love to work with Lido, Kasbo, Grant Bowtie or someone like that at some point. There are too many to choose from really.

Thing is though I don’t really like collaborations over the internet; I have never enjoyed one. So I guess no one unless I’m in the same room as them haha.


Thank you for your time and attention. We are absolutely stoked to have you in our room and everyone is looking forward to your event 🙂