Recently our co-host and Brand Ambassador Neveragain_Gc interviewed the producer Elliot Berger, based in UK. Enjoy this quick glance into his world!


Hi Elliot, would you mind telling us a litle bit about yourself and what you do?

Hi, I’m a producer/DJ and would describe my sound as ‘Heavy Chillout’. I live in London and I am 21 years old. Right now I’m studying Creative Music Technology, aiming to finish with a Bachelor’s Degree next summer.


You mainly produce Melodic Dubstep, what was the first Dubstep track you heard and how has it inspired you?

The first Dubstep song I heard was “Tek One – Broken String”. I can actually remember this because it really has inspired me to start producing Dubstep. I got addicted to it and started to listen to more Dubstep, Skrillex for example, who has been an inspiration too. Once I started trying it out, it happened to be quite melodic. I didn’t plan it to be melodic, in fact, if anything, I aimed for the opposite, but having a background in more ‘classical’ music likely influenced it.


You are interacting with quite a lot, you have played at several events and casually hang out on the site too. What do you like the most about and in which communities can we find you?

There are multiple things I like, first of all the interactive way of sharing music, it’s very different from other sites like Soundcloud and YouTube. If you want feedback you can just play a song and ask the crowd for their opinion and get instant answers.

You can also discover a lot of new music that you would have never listened to otherwise. I also think that the anonymity is really nice for shy people, it makes it easier for them to chat.

The communities I visit are Just a chill room…, Radiant, and occasionally, Tastycat. Sometimes I am in my own community and just listen to music with some friends and fans.


A bit off topic, what is your favourite color and what is your favourite dish?

My favourite color is blue I think, my favourite dish……

It has to be pizza!


What kind of pizza?

Just get as much meat as possible onto it. When my manager and I meet we have our special pizza, the “Artery Smasher”.

We order any meat possible and have the crust filled with sausages!


When you compose a song on your own, with another producer, or with a vocalist, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

When you produce on your own you can and have to rely on yourself. That can be both positive and negative. You don’t have to wait for others, which sometimes can be frustrating (not excluding myself from this).

A problem of producing on your own is running out of ideas. In that case, producing with someone else is definitely helpful.

Then again, working with another producer includes a lot of messages and file transfer before both sides are happy with the outcome. When I work with vocalists, I basically send them a rough finished instrumental and let them do their magic. If things go smoothly, you only need 2-3 file transfers until the song is being finalized.Elliot Berger


Which do you like the most?

Working with vocalists! I used to make instrumentals too, but now days the vast majority of my releases end up being vocal.


What kind of music do you listen to? Does it depend on your mood?

Yes, it heavily depends on my mood!

In general I listen to pretty much all the genres that are played in the Chillroom. I used to listen to a lot of Punk and Metal, which if I am in the mood I still do. Once I started to listen to Dubstep I listened to a lot of Gemini, Flux Pavillon and Netsky, I can still enjoy their old tracks, I prefer them over the newer releases actually.


Where was your first gig?

My first gig was in Antwerpen (Belgium) about 18 months ago.

The organizer sent me an e-mail, and it just went from there! Other artist that played at this event were Fox Stevenson (back when he was Stan SB), Feint and Boy Kid Cloud. The crowd was about 1500 people and it has really been an awesome experience! Not long after this I played at another event in Belgium together with Matrix & Futurebound and Hucci. We all met before and had dinner together which really was a surreal experience for me, since I have never expected to meet them.


What is there to come this coming year?

A lot of music and also a music video! I’ll be playing at more shows and I thought about uploading some tutorials to YouTube too, that depends on me finding the time for it though.


Great to hear! Thank you very much for this interview!

Thank you!


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