Hello, fellow sheeplets!
Last saturday our facebook page received its 1500th like!
We want to thank you all for supporting us and showing us love each and every time! For us, this is an incentive to keep doing our best for the room, making it a place where everybody feels welcome whether you’re an artist, promoter or just a visitor. The room was founded almost 2 (!) years ago by MrSuicideSheep, where it quickly became a second home for quite a few people.
As plug.dj became more popular, the chill room managed to stay among the most popular rooms and now it’s known for its dedicated visitors and exquisite music choice. We’re proud to offer something other rooms can’t!
We’ll try to continue providing a place where people come to not only listen to music, but where people gather to chat, make friends or meet their favourite artists! Expect more community driven events, artist spotlights and contests for everybody in the future!

The Staff Team