Rules – Old

  1. Treat others as you would like to be treated. This applies to everyone.
  2. If you’d like to play your own tracks, ask a mod first for permission. This has to be done for every tune you play.
  3. Self-promotion, and posting links with NSFW content is not allowed.
  4. We aim to provide a chilled environment in our room, so please pick your songs according to the theme.
  5. If a song has a significant amount of mehs, it may be skipped.
  6. If a song is overplayed, it will be lock-skipped.
  7. Do not play mixes.
  8. Our time limit for songs is capped at 10 minutes. Do not exceed.
  9. Do not play videos with explicit content.
  10. We do not support AFK auto-joining.
  11. Out of respect to our moderators and users, keep the chat in English.
  12. Impersonation of producers, moderators or users is not tolerated.
  13. Do not advertise other rooms.
  14. Profanity is allowed in moderation. Please consider your words and do not use them excessively.
  15. Spamming anything in the chat is not permitted.
  16. Moderators skip at their own discretion. (Don’t ask for skips)
  17. Do as a moderator tells you to. If you do not, you have to face the consequences.
  18. Modifying the title of any song is not allowed and will lead to a skip as long as it is not just for aesthetics (e.g. converting it to the right format “Artist – Title”).
  19. Do not ask for friends. No “friend4friend” allowed.
  20. Do not ask for gifts.


See the FAQ for further explanation of some rules.