Playlist Export

As you probably have noticed might go down soon. Time to backup your playlists (provided you’re a silver/gold subscriber). There are two ways as listed below and you should probably carry out both.


Exporting playlists to YouTube and Soundcloud

You can use this tool to export YouTube songs of a playlist to a YouTube playlist and Soundcloud songs of the playlist to a Soundcloud playlist.

Depending on how many playlists you have, it can take a while. But better than losing your stuff. 😀

The tool will guide you through the process.

If you only want your playlists on YouTube, you can use plug2youtube.


Exporting playlists for a potential successor

Potential successors of might provide a tool to import your playlists from plug. In this case you will most likely need them in the JSON format. Luckily our staff member Nitro Ghost wrote a nice script that does just that!

Add/drag this bookmarklet to your bookmarks: Export as JSON

Go to your tab and click the bookmarklet in your bookmarks(-bar). The script will then start doing its work. This can take a while depending on your number of playlists/songs. So if you’re not sure if it’s running, just check the console. It should log the progress. When it succeeds, the JSON file will be downloaded to your specified download destination. Don’t lose it, save it where you will find it again.


Additionally don’t forget to join our Slack community. You can stay in touch with us over there if goes down. Also check out our room on!