Chillbot Commands

Manager Commands

CommandsArguments Description
!afklimitXSet the maximum afk time to X minutes
!bouncer+Toggle Bouncer+
!casinoresetSet the raffle to be run in the default raffle time
!casinosyncSet the raffle to run at the next hour: X:00.
!casinotimeXSet the default raffle time to X and run it in X minutes
!clearchatClear all the chat messages in the chatscreen from the bot
!clearinbox@userClear the message inbox of an user
!cycleToggle DJ cycle
!cycletimerXSet the maximum time DJ cycle can be enabled after activating it if the cycleguard is enabled
!event@artistWhen there is no event: copy the waitlist, lock it, clear it. Enable DJ cycle. Add the first artist to the waitlist. Other artists can be added using !add (!move will not work to add persons). If anyone would join the list that isn't on the artist list, that person will get removed again.
!lockskipposXSets to which position !lockskip moves the dj.
!locktimerXSet the maximum time the waitlist can be locked if lockguard is enabled
!maxlengthXSet the maximum songduration if timeguard is enabled
!refreshRefresh the browsertab in which the bot runs. If set up correctly, it will also reload the bot script
!togglecasinoToggle the raffle
!thresholdXSet the minimum waitlist position for winning the raffle
!unmuteallUnmute all users
!usercmdcdXSet the cooldown for user commands to X seconds
!usercommandsToggle commands for users

Bouncer Commands

Bouncer+ enabled
!add@userAdd user to the wait list
!autoskipToggle autoskipping songs when they end
!bouncer+Disable Bouncer+ if enabled
!cycleguardToggle the cycleguard. This will disable DJ cycle after it was activated more than the default cycle time ago.
!lockLocks the wait list
!lockdownToggle chat lockdown (only staff can chat)
!lockskipOpt.: theme, op, history, mix, sound, nsfw, unavailable, mottoSkips (possible with a reason given) the current DJ and gives him/her another chance.
!move@user; XMove the user in the waitlist. If no position is specified, the user is moved to position 1, otherwise position X
!remove@userRemove user from the wait list
!unlockUnlock the wait list
Bouncer+ disabled
!activeXShows how many users chatted in the past X minutes. Default is 60 minutes.
!afkremovalToggle afk removal of inactive users
!afkreset@userReset the afk time of user
!afktime@userDisplay how long the user was afk
!approve@userBypasses timeguard & history notification for user's next track
!ban@userBan user for a day
!dclookup@userAsk the bot if it saw User disconnect shorter than the allowed time ago. It will move you back if this is the case.
!english@userTells User to speak English, in the language the User set Plug to.
!jointime@userTells how long the user has been in the room
!kick@user, Opt.: XKick user for X minutes. If no X is specified, the user is kicked for 0.25 minutes, that is 15 seconds.
!lockguardToggle the lockguard. This will unlock the waitlist after it was locked more than the default lock time ago.
Set the MotD message and enable the MotD.
Set the MotD interval. This is every X messages.
!mute@userMute user
!permission, !perm@userGives an artist permission to play a selfmade track.
!rdjsLinks to a list with our resident DJs
!reloadReconnect the bot to the Plug API
!sessionstatsDisplay the total votes and raffles since the bot started.
!skipOpt.: unpopular (also: unpop), permission (perm), theme (t), op, history, mix, quality (sound, q), nsfw (n), unavailable (unav, unv, blocked), motto, length, forbidden (f)Skip the current song
!statusDisplay information about the bots status
!timeguardToggle the timeguard
!togglemotdToggle the message of the day
!unban@userUnban user
!unmute@userUnmute the user
!voteratio@userDisplay the users woots, mehs and the woot/meh ratio since the bot started.
!mottoset messageSets the daily theme of Mottoweekend
!mottoskipSkips current DJ, adding Motto day theme. (It's Motto Weekend! Today's theme is: ___)
!historyLinks the room history (last 600 plays)
!statsLinks the other room stats (Top DJs, etc)

User Commands

!baShows information about Brand Ambassadors.
!bean@userGive a Flavoured Bean to User. Temporary nonfunctional
!rafflehelpDisplay information about the raffle. (formerly !casinohelp)
!commandsGive the link to the bot's command list.
!cookie@userGive a cookie to user Temporary nonfunctional
!dclookupor !dcThis isn't necessary anymore. Bot will add you back automatically upon rejoining.
!declineIf you have won the raffle, you can decline it with this command. The bot will automatically pick a new winner.
!emojiLinks to a list with the available emoji.
!faqGives a link to the Frequently Asked Questions page.
!fbGives a link to the room's fb page.
!linkGive a link to the current song.
!msg@userSend a message to User. The person will receive it when they chat the next time.
!opSend a link to the OP list.
!raffleIf you have won the raffle, you can claim it with this command.
!roomhelpGive information about the room.
!guideGive a link to the DJ Guide.
!rulesGive a link to the room's rules.
!themeGive a link to the room's theme.
!websiteGive a link to the room's website.
!youtubeGive a link to the youtube channel of Sheepy.
!greet@userSends a welcoming greeting to the desired user
!etaGives the estimated time until you (or the user if specified) reaches the DJ booth.
!permRequest permission to play a self made tune
!lookup artist artistnameLook up when an artist was played last
!lookup song songnameLook up when a song was place