On February 22nd we will host an ambient event called “Ambient Places”. Join us at 6pm UTC/GMT on Sunday and get absorbed by soothing sounds of artists such as Chasing Dreams, Stray Theories and Levi Patel.

Be aware though, the lineup is still subject to changes. The current timetable (UTC/GMT):

  1. 6pm The Walton Hoax
  2. 6.30pm O S L O
  3. 7pm Lights Dim
  4. 7.45pm hvrxld
  5. 8.15pm Stray Theories
  6. 8.45pm Levi Patel
  7. 9.15pm Good Weather For An Airstrike
  8. 9.45pm Chasing Dreams
  9. 10.15pm Live Slower
  10. 10.45pm Snowday
  11. 11.15pm glo
  12. 11.45pm Vassh