Album Showcase: Neo Geo

published on Sep 5 by simpsinator in Events

Visit us on September the 5th at 6pm UTC (8pm CEST, 11am PDT) for a showcase of Neo Geo’s new album “Different Roads Towards Common Goals“.

4th Anniversary Celebration

published on Jul 28 by simpsinator in Events

It doesn’t feel like four years but that’s how old our lovely community will be in a few days. These years were filled with many wonderful moments and sparked many friendships. In order to celebrate this fact, we are going to host an event on three consecutive days in July with a promising selection of artists. Join us on July 28th, July 29th and July 30th at 5pm UTC/7pm CEST/10am PDT (4.30pm UTC on July 30th) to be part of our anniversary celebration and have a good time! We’ll be waiting for you! 😛

EP Showcase: NUDE – Naturalness

published on Oct 5 by Fursteh in Events

Today on October 5th, we are hosting our first event!

Join us at 7 PM CEST / 1 PM EST / 5 PM UTC as NUDE is showcasing his latest EP “Naturalness” out since September 28th via Moose Records!



Album Showcase: Cobalt Rabbit – Into Oblivion

published on Aug 29 by Leedix in Events

Tomorrow we will host a showcase for Cobalt Rabbit‘s latest album “Into Oblivion”.

Join the room around 8.00 pm CEST / 2.00 pm EST and become immersed in the worlds of future garage, triphop and ambient.

Into Oblivion will be available from 29/8 on bandcamp





Album Showcase: Andevour – Catharsis

published on Jun 1 by Leedix in Events

On June 1st, we’ll welcome Andevour in our room to showcase his album ‘Catharsis’.

Soundtrack creation, especially down tempo, being his forte (music jokes are hilarious), the quality and complexity of Andevour’s pieces put him as one of the most promising artists in the field. The diversity in his compositions makes each unique in its own way, keeping you intrigued throughout.

Andevour will start playing at 7.00 PM  UTC / 3.00 PM EST.

Album available to download at Bandcamp.


EP Showcase Mix: Mt. Wolf – Red

published on May 19 by Saysay in Events

Known on such channels as MrSuicideSheep (for their song Red, remixed by The Walton Hoax),  MORIndlie, 17tumba, and more! Mt. Wolf will be coming in to play an EP mix from their EP titled ‘Red’ on May 19th at 5:00pm UTC / 1:00pm EST.


Red is now available for purchase on iTunes:

Ambient Musical Genre Event

published on May 17 by Saysay in Events

Join us this sunday at 7:00pm CET (GMT+2) / 1:00pm EST in for an Ambient Musical Genre Event with Subsets, 4lientic, Mvnners, We Are All Astronauts, Speria, Stray Theories, Owsey, and Chasing Dreams.
Ambient Musical Genre Lineup:
1. Subsets
2. 4lienetic
3. Mvnners
4. We Are All Astronauts
5. Spheria
6. Stray Theories
7. Owsey
8. Chasing Dreams
9. AmbientMusicalGenre




Album Compilation: Hebona – Glass Cage

published on May 16 by Saysay in Events

On May 16th at 11:00am PST / 6:00pm UTC, Hebona will be showcasing a compilation album titled ‘Glass Cage’. This compilation is a collection of his favorite works over the past two years of his production which also includes 2 new tracks.


“It embodies everything that I have experienced up until this point and represents the entirety of my teenage life. “


Available now: