EP Showcase: Kisnou

published on Nov 17 by simpsinator in Events

Kisnou, one of our beloved resident DJs, released his new EP titled “Same Destiny” recently. Stop by our room on dubtrack.fm on November 17th (8.30pm UTC/9.30pm CET/12.30pm PST) forthe EP showcase!

Harrow – From The Depths release party

published on Feb 21 by Fursteh in Events

Join us on Sunday 21st at 11 AM PST / 7 PM UTC / 8 PM CET for the release party of the album From The Depths  from the label Harrow.


Spheriá – Goodbye Event

published on Dec 21 by Fursteh in Events

As some of you may know, the wonderful pianist Spheriá is quitting.

To mark the end of his project, we will host an event with him on Monday 21st at 7 PM UTC / 8PM CET / 12 PM PDT in our Dubtrack.FM community.
Drop by to see him play his favourite tracks as well as some unreleased material, chat with him and wish him well.

Hope to see you on Monday to say farewell to a talented musician countlessly promoted on channels like Ambient., Arctic Empire, Autumn Feels and many more.


Soundcloud – Facebook

Sekai Sessions 001: Aerocity – “Love Lost”

published on Dec 12 by Fursteh in Interview


Hello, and welcome to Sekai Sessions. This is your host Resonata, and this is the first in a new series from the Sekai family where we interview your favourite electronic music artists and indie artists, discussing their tracks and breaking down everything from the emotions behind the songs to the production technique.

I’m very excited to bring this new series in and introduce you to our first guest: Aerocity.


Aerocity: Hey, this is Reece, I go by Aerocity. I like blending real world instruments with, sort of a heavy electronic music influence. I grew up playing piano, guitar and violin mostly so I’m trying to find a place for those wherever I can.


As far as the piano goes I actually stumbled across this sampling company called Spitfire a while back, and they’ve got this really cool section with a bunch of really, very unique instruments called Labs, and, they’re like 3 bucks a piece and it all goes to UNICEF I believe. But they’ve got a particular Kontakt library for piano called “The Spitfire Soft Piano”, and I thought $3 for a library on Kontakt it’s, an absolute steal, and, I think that was the only piano sound I actually used on Escapism.


It was played live though MIDI and I recorded on Ableton but I was trigerring thos Spitfire samples, and it’s got just this gorgeous, really detailed real world sound. And that’s something that I struggled for a long time to find with sampled pianos, was, a really organic, real…honest sound to it. And that’s something I love about Spitfire, they kept all that noise in, and it’s a very full-bodied, full of character piano instrument.


I think the drums were all hand-placed from the Native Instruments Battery Glitch Kit. It’s got a really unique sound to it, lot of really cool micro-samples, and, I’d spent a couple of months trying to figure out how I could place these in songs and I really enjoyed it. It’s really sporadic and random and, it kind of provides a cool, like, emotional contrast to the soft undertones of the rest of the instrumental.

I’ve got to mention I did use a snare from the Steelan sample pack that is just a gorgeous snare sound, hugely tense, and you know like I mentioned, the emotional contrast, I felt like the tension with that snare along with the sporadic, sort of randomly placed glitch samples from Battery really enhanced that because by itself, the “Love Lost” instrumental, the drums, is a very calm, slow, just kind of boring song, and what I was feeling at the time was that heavy emotional contrast and I wanted to kinda empathyze that, and the drums were where I found that.


As far as the outro goes, I innitialy layed down a piano line with a heavy delay, and it was just kind of improvised like most of the rest of the song, that’s pretty much how everything I write comes together, just pure improvisation and fitting little bits and pieces together one at a time. And then from that I took little bits of the guitar and some of the ambient sense and just chopped them up and you know, reversed them and re-arranged them into little bit and pieces,  and tried from there to piece together a new melody that would kind of bring the song to a close.

Sekai – Sekai Selects – Resonata – Aerocity

Album Showcase: Slow Meadow

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Notice: Due to plug being unstable the event has been postponed!

Join us this Sunday – August 30th September 1st, 6.00 pm UTC/ 1.00 pm CDT   – to get lost in the wonderful, musical landscapes from Aural Method‘s new project: Slow Meadow, featuring Hammock!

Come and let your thoughts be driven by an enchanting combination of slow piano and guitar driven melodies.

Album available on Bandcamp


Album Showcase: Cobalt Rabbit – Into Oblivion

published on Aug 29 by Leedix in Events

Tomorrow we will host a showcase for Cobalt Rabbit‘s latest album “Into Oblivion”.

Join the room around 8.00 pm CEST / 2.00 pm EST and become immersed in the worlds of future garage, triphop and ambient.

Into Oblivion will be available from 29/8 on bandcamp





EP showcase: Planet Boelex – Moments

published on Aug 26 by Leedix in Events

Join us coming wednesday – August 26th, 8.00 pm CEST / 2.00 pm EST – on a journey through space and time with Planet Boelex as our guide while he presents his latest creation, ‘Moments’.

Comparable to Carbon Based Lifeforms, yet unique on its own, Planet Boelex’ melodic soundscapes will let your soul transcend the physical, and experience the stars.

Download ‘Moments’ on Bandcamp for ‘pay what you want’





Album showcase: glo – Vilse

published on Aug 25 by Leedix in Events

This tuesday (25/08), glo will once again come to our (new!) room to present his latest creations with ‘Vilse’.

Everybody’s welcome to come and dream with us, the showcase will start around 9.00 pm CEST/ 3.00 pm EST.

Vilse is available for ‘pay what you want’ on Bandcamp




EP Showcase: Alaskan Tapes – In Seperation and Isolation

published on Aug 23 by Leedix in Events

For most of you Alaskan Tapes, formerly known as O S L O,  isn’t a new name in the room.

This sunday, August 23rd at 8.00 pm CEST / 2.00 pm EST,  we will host a showcase of his latest EP ‘In Seperation and Isolation’.

We’d like to invite you all to join us and slow down your sunday.

The EP is available for ‘pay what you want’ on Bandcamp




LP Showcase: “Good Weather For An Airstrike – Torpor” and friends

published on Jul 12 by Leedix in Events

With pleasure we’d like to announce that Good Weather For An Airstrike will join us on July 12th around 7 pm UTC/ 12 pm PDT to celebrate the release of his newest work “Torpor”.

Good Weather For An Airstrike won’t come alone though! He’ll bring a few friends and family to play music as well.

Inachus, Tracey Chattaway, Olan Mill and Oathless will bring us some soothing tunes to end the week with a chill vibe.

You can find their music by clicking on following links:

Bandcamp Inachus
Bandcamp Tracey Chattaway
Bandcamp Olan Mill
Bandcamp Oathless

EP Showcase: 4lienetic – Saunter

published on Jun 24 by Leedix in Events

On June 24th, 3PM EST/7.00PM UTC, 4lienetic will showcase his latest EP ‘Saunter’ in

Just a Chill Room. Feel free to join us and chill!



EP Showcase: Lowercase Noises – James

published on Jun 8 by Leedix in Events

To celebrate the birth of his son – James – Lowercase Noises released an EP, which he will be playing next monday, June 8th, at 7.00 pm CEST / 11.00 am MDT.

Album available for download on Bandcamp

Discover more from Lowercase Noises:





EP Showcase: A Cerulean State – Glimmering eyes and clouded skies

published on Jun 5 by Saysay in Events

With his description simply stating that he is a ‘lazy Swedish guy making music for imaginary movies’, A Cerulean State has completely eclipsed many other artists in his genre. Focussing mostly on ambient and (more recently) modern classical, his pieces speak to you without saying words… All you can do is listen as the music empties your mind…


On June 5, at 3:00 PM EST, join us in welcoming A Cerulean State to our room as he plays his new EP, Glimmering eyes and clouded skies! We would say you’d better be there, but we already know that you will be… 😉 .


Glimmering eyes and and clouded skies in now available on bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1KBzfL1


Ambient Musical Genre Event

published on May 17 by Saysay in Events

Join us this sunday at 7:00pm CET (GMT+2) / 1:00pm EST in chill-room.net for an Ambient Musical Genre Event with Subsets, 4lientic, Mvnners, We Are All Astronauts, Speria, Stray Theories, Owsey, and Chasing Dreams.
Ambient Musical Genre Lineup:
1. Subsets
2. 4lienetic
3. Mvnners
4. We Are All Astronauts
5. Spheria
6. Stray Theories
7. Owsey
8. Chasing Dreams
9. AmbientMusicalGenre







Album Compilation: Hebona – Glass Cage

published on May 16 by Saysay in Events

On May 16th at 11:00am PST / 6:00pm UTC, Hebona will be showcasing a compilation album titled ‘Glass Cage’. This compilation is a collection of his favorite works over the past two years of his production which also includes 2 new tracks.


“It embodies everything that I have experienced up until this point and represents the entirety of my teenage life. “


Available now: https://hebona.bandcamp.com/album/glass-cage